Human Resources Department Staff

The Personnel/Human Resources office provides services to Intermediate Unit employees regarding benefits, wages and salaries, certification, absences, leaves of absence, and collective bargaining contract administration. Personnel services such as salary, fringe benefits, contract language, recruitment, interviewing, automated substitute service, and financial comparisons are provided for school district administrators upon request. You can contact the HR Department via phone: 215-348-2940 ext, 1521, fax: 215-348-3048, or choose the employee and their email below.

Rebecca Roberts-Malamis, Esq. Taylor Lucas
(215)348-2940 X1522

Assistant to the Executive Director and In-House Legal Counsel   
(215)348-2940 X1521

Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Oversees all aspects of HR Department
  • Policies and Procedures questions/issues
  • Contractual questions/issues
  • HR Concerns
  • Assists to Direct Your Call
  • Schedules appointments with Director of HR
  • Verifies Employment, including Act 168 Forms
  • Sexual Harassment Training questions/issues
  • Student Teaching, Internship, Observation requests
  • Employee Access Center (EAC) questions/issues

Sarah Ryden
 Lindsay Turk
SRyden (215)348-2940 x1304

Human Resources Manager

(215)348-2940 x1524

Recruiter/Human Resources Generalist
  • Oversees daily operation of HR department
  • Salary questions/issues
  • Certification questions/issues
  • Professional contract questions/issues
    • Tenure/Seniority
  • Policies & Procedures

  • Job application questions/issues
  • Job posting questions/issues
  • Job Description questions/issues
  • Emergency Permit Certifications
    • permits for BCIU staff
    • permits for Guest Teacher Program attendees & substitutes

Kelly Kessling
 Jill Colonna
(215)348-2940 X1522

Benefits Coordinator 
(215)348-2940 X1526

HR Assistant/Leave Coordinator

  • Benefits questions/issues
  • Health questions/issues
  • Vision questions/issues
  • Dental questions/issues
  • Leaves of Absence questions/issues
  • Tuition Reimbursement questions/issues
  • Educational Attainment questions/issues
  • Workers' Compensation questions/issues
  • New Employee Intake

Kelsey Richards
 Lisa Litzenberger
(215) 348-2940 X1723

HR Assistant/Head Start Liaison 
(215) 348-2940 X1604
(800) 627-5092

HR Assistant/ Attendance Coordinator

  • Head Start program applications
  • Head Start clearances
  • Q&A for Head Start program

  • Day-to-Day substitute dispatching
  • Absence reporting
  • Absence history
  • Changes in absence history

April Borgeson
 Jacqueline Kochanowicz
(215) 348-2940 X1527

HR Clerk

(215) 348-2940 X1402


  • Processes Driver History Requests
  • Updates CPI, First Aid/CPR certifications
  • Employment clearances questions/issues
  • Contractor clearances questions/issues

  • Schedules appointments for fingerprinting
  • Fingerprints registered applicants
  • FBI Fingerprinting questions/issues

 Mary Anne Swan  
 (215) 348-2940 X1523
HR Clerk
  • Interview scheduling
  • Mandated Reporter/Harassment Training (GCN online training)
  • Updates CPI, First Aid/CPR certifications
  • Employment clearances questions/issues
  • Contractor clearances questions/issues
The policy of the Intermediate Unit is to provide equal opportunity in all of its educational programs, activities and employment. In compliance with Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and ADA, no person will be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex age or disability. Human Resource Personnel & Contacts. The Human Resource Department exists to provide support to BCIU #22 Staff Members. If you have a question, we encourage you to contact the department so we may assist you. Below is a list of the Human Resource Staff and their primary responsibilities. Please contact them directly with any questions in their designated areas.