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The Bucks IU 705 Administrative Office located in Doylestown, PA remains closed at this time.  

All fingerprinting services are also closed. All summer programming for students is virtual. The last day of summer programming is July 30, 2020. The Head Start Summer Programming ends on August 6, 2020. Fall programming will begin at the end of August and families should check calendars and websites for specific program start dates.

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Billing Services

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Getting Payments Promptly

Many of the programs that our students and school districts benefit from are either state or federally funded, with very detailed and specific requirements for eligibility and the processes surrounding how to receive payment (e.g. Medicaid, Medical ACCESS, etc.). To that end, the Bucks IU works very closely with families, schools, and school districts to help support these requirements and to properly navigate the systems and paperwork so that they may receive their funding in a timely and efficient manner.

We provide third-party billing services where we are legally authorized to submit and process the billing on behalf of another party for services related to the support of our county students. We take our decades of knowledge regarding the nature of the unique services provided, the legal requirements associated with the state and federal programs, and the paperwork/documentation to be submitted, and combine that with our expertise in financial services to offer our billing services and support.