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Healthcare Consortium

a calculator, a stethoscope, and a pile of 100 dollars bills sit atop some medical bills

Bucks and Montgomery County Healthcare Consortium

The Bucks IU has been the cornerstone in the development and subsequent management of The Bucks and Montgomery County Schools Health Care Consortium (BMCS Consortium). This group provides high quality medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, and other employee benefits to school entities in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. The consortium currently covers more than 6,200 school employees for a total of 13,000 total members from 12 entities.  

An emblem with the full title of Bucks and Montgomery County Schools Health Care Consortium

The BMCS Consortium showcases the power of local schools working together with labor representatives to provide high quality coverage at reduced costs. By leveraging their collective economies of scale as a consortium, the participating school entities have been able to stabilize healthcare costs and save local taxpayers more than $67 million since its inception in 2012. Considering the cost increases of similar plans for other groups during this same period, this is significant. The plans are exceptional, utilizing top national healthcare and prescription drug providers, offering a variety of coverage options for the participants.

Serving schools. Saving money.

The Bucks IU is proud of the work, services, and coverages they have been instrumental in contracting with the BMCS Consortium and looks to the future for additional opportunities to expand its services, reduce its costs, and enroll more districts.

Graphic regarding the Healthcare Consortium showing 2012-2019, the savings achieved and the milestones of the program over this time period.
To find out more, visit the BMCS Consortium website or email us at