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Strategic Services

business meeting being held around a table filled with various charts and graphs

Strategic Services--Helping You Plan Change

The Bucks IU offers schools, educational business entities, and businesses/organizations expert facilitation through the process of defining their strategy, direction, and decision-making as it relates to the allocation of resources in pursuit of their goals and objectives. By having a "plan to change," a road map and timeline can be created showing a logical path forward and where along the way all the players involved will need to become involved, including their specific roles and requirements. With the clearly defined map in hand, everyone can then set out together on the path towards a successful completion.

As an outside facilitator, we provide a fresh perspective supported by over 25 years of facilitation experience, certification in the Cambridge Model of Strategic Planning, and advanced communications degrees. We provide services not only in Pennsylvania, but also in New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.

Our Strategic Services Include:

Comprehensive Planning – For educational entities, we facilitate the creation of a management plan showing how they will maintain compliance with the state and federal mandates. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires a new comprehensive plan every three years, and the Bucks IU facilitates this with our county schools and districts free of charge. Due to our exceptional reputation combined with our depth of knowledge and expertise within the realm of education, many entities outside Bucks County also contract with us for their comprehensive planning.  

Strategic Planning – This is a contracted, organizational management activity that we facilitate to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust an organization's direction in response to their changing business environment.

Superintendent/Personnel Searches – As a neutral, outside educational agency with extensive knowledge of the working of schools and districts, supported by a broad industry reach and connections, we are oftentimes contracted to facilitate the search for key personnel.

School Board Professional Development – The Bucks IU offers training sessions and retreats to help ensure that school board  personnel are properly equipped with the knowledge and resources they will need to efficiently and effectively serve their school districts.