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Bucks IU Highroad

Image of the Bucks IU High Road facility.

In partnership with Specialize Education Services Inc. (SESI) we are proud to be able to provide Bucks County with a full-day, center-based emotional support program. This program is designed specifically for students in grade 7-12 who need assistance in managing their behaviors, implementing learned coping strategies, and maintaining emotional stability.

Utilizing personnel from both the Bucks IU and SESI, so that we may best address the need so the students, Bucks IU High Road School staff include:

Academics Combined with Emotional Supports

Each student’s learning needs are identified using a multi-tiered hierarchy of assessment and an individualized student plan is developed to target those instructional needs.  Students have access to state standards via grade level instruction in response to their academic needs, while school-wide positive behavior supports and intensive intervention are practiced for their emotional support.

All referrals to this center program must be made through the student’s school/school district.  Short-term (60 day) diagnostic placement options are also available. If you have any questions or want more information, please email: