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Hearing, Audiology, Interpreter, and C-Print Services

Smiling child wearing headphones being given a hearing test

Acknowledging and understanding a hearing loss can be difficult. Whether it be mild or profound, hearing impairment is best addressed at the earliest possible time in a child’s life. We encourage parents/guardians to seek assistance at the first sign of a hearing loss.  

Once a hearing loss has been identified, it is through a more in-depth audiology evaluation that the degree of hearing loss can be confirmed. This information is then utilized to define the types of services and programs that are best for the child.

A Comprehensive Program

Our comprehensive approach of providing services to children with a hearing impairment offers a program that addresses all aspects of hearing adjustment; speech, language, audition, social, emotional, and academic.   

Our objective is to help each student learn how best to adjust to their life in a hearing society so that they can maximize their academic achievements and reach their personal life goals.

We proudly provide services with:

  • A "family" focus that incorporates and encourages family, guardian, and educator involvement
  • Educational Audiologists (doctoral level education)
  • Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS, Cert. AVT, Cert. AVEd)
  • C-Print Captionists - providing speech to text captioning
  • American Sign Language Interpreters – all of whom have Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) state credentialing or National Credentials
  • Audiologists trained to perform Central Auditory Processing Testing
  • Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TOD/HH)
  • Regular evaluations and consultations with medical and educational teams

Who We Serve

Our services are available to eligible students with hearing impairments, from birth through age 21, however who you need to initially contact is based on the child’s current age.  For children between the ages of birth to 3, their primary point of contact is through the PA state early intervention program’s county agencies, as determined by your residential location.  You may call us at 215-348-2940 Ext. 1679 for assistance in determining the agency you should contact. 

Preschool age children are served directly through the Bucks IU, as the primary provider of preschool services as designated by the state.  You may contact us directly regarding your preschool age child. 

For students in kindergarten through age 21, their home school district is the primary contact for services. The school districts in Bucks County have the option to then contract with us for hearing support services as we are oftentimes already providing related services in their schools.