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Nursing for Special Education Students and Classes

Nurse applying a band aid to a child's arm

Good health is critical to the academic success of all children, and students with special needs may have additional health concerns that require skilled medical care during the school day. We are committed to regular school attendance, and in support of that, we can provide nursing services to those students who may need this in our Bucks IU programs.

Specialty Nursing Support

In Bucks County special education classrooms, we can provide students with one-on-one or classroom nursing support as is required. These children may utilize specialized equipment such as a medical ventilator or feeding tube – the type of equipment that requires skilled monitoring and support to ensure it is functioning properly for the child’s safety and comfort. Our nursing staff are specially trained and experienced with this unique array of equipment, as well as the caring support of the students using them. We even offer substitute nursing staff when needed to make certain that students can attend school as often as possible.   

Some students may also require medical monitoring and intervention while being transported to and from school. We provide nursing services during transport for these students and work collaboratively with our school districts, their transportation, and our own Bucks IU Transportation Services to coordinate care as we ensure the students’ safety and well-being.

Licensing and Certification

Our entire nursing staff consists of Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). These trained professionals are uniquely qualified to provide medical care for students with complex health needs. Our nurses are managed by a Supervisor of Nursing and Health Services who is a Certified School Nurse (CSN) with a Master's degree in Nursing (MSN).