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Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Physical therapist working with a child using exercise bands

Physical therapy (PT) focuses on developing and supporting skills related to mobility, gait, and balance, whereas occupational therapy (OT) focuses on the performance of fine motor skills more closely related to the activities of daily living. The Bucks IU’s licensed, professional therapists are highly skilled and experienced in providing these two different and unique treatments so that children and youth can achieve the skills they need to be able to participate in their home and academic environments, and prepare for post-secondary transition with as much independence and success as possible.

Our philosophy works on building student confidence and abilities by 
focusing on their strengths in relation to what they need to achieve.

Positivity and achievement in small steps can be an enormous impetus behind continued growth and development. We integrate their therapies with skills they want/need to accomplish in their everyday lives assisted by our large collection of tools, equipment, and devices specially designed to accommodate their task support, positioning, and access requirements.

School-Based Programs

Outcomes or results of school-based therapy should be linked to curriculum-related goals, success in child or student roles, and educational performance. For example, a child’s PT might incorporate their treatment objective regarding improved balance by integrating the use of stairs in their school building to the therapy. For OT, with its focus on fine motor skills, the therapy might integrate using a computer keyboard as a means of improving manual dexterity.  

Working in the student's academic environment also allows us to share what we are doing with their teachers and the school staff. As practice is critical to mastering and advancing skills, this sharing of information allows the teachers and staff to be able to encourage the student to continually work on some of their therapies throughout the day.

Services with Individualized Attention

All children are required to be evaluated prior to any services being provided, with individualized programs then being determined. We offer services directly to eligible children from ages three to five.  Students from kindergarten through age 21 must have their services/therapies contracted through their resident school district, who may then contract with us. We serve all those identified as needing special education or in need of accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).