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Right to Education Task Force

Children in classroom working at desks.


The Bucks County Right to Education Local Task Force functions as an independent organization of parents and other residents of Bucks County who are interested in working with school districts, the Bucks IU, and community agencies to further the rights of students with disabilities.  The key focus of this group is to:

  • Assist in the training of parents, teachers and others on matters pertaining to the State Task Force on the Right to Education
  • Review and comment on academic special education plans and budgets
  • Support the State Task Force in the collection of data to determine the effectiveness of the Right to Education for school-age children with disabilities
  • Work with Local Education Agencies to help them identify system advancement opportunities related to the educational needs of students with disabilities

Requirements of the Task Force include that:

  • At least one chair position be held by a parent of individual with a disability
  • Five meetings, all open to the public, be held annually (see below for contact information to be added to the meeting notification list)

The Bucks IU’s role with this group is to support and facilitate the collaboration of the various parties so that for the issues at hand there is clarity on recommendations and/or resolutions may be agreed upon and provided.  The Bucks IU Executive Director, or their designee, will also sit as a member of the Local Task Force. 

Should you have any questions regarding the Right to Education Task Force or be interested in attending the meetings, please email or call 215-348-2940 Ext. 1221.