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Educator/Administrator Services and Programs

Educator/Administrator Services and Programs

Learning and Advancing Education

We are committed to the advancement of knowledge by providing opportunities for teaching, learning, and growth to educators, administrators, and the students and families of our county.  We incorporate the standards of learning, as recommended by Learning Forward, to the programs we offer to educators and administrators so that they may fulfill their continuing education requirements as mandated by organizations such as the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We work with our county schools, districts, and community regarding the student and family programs and expand and build upon information and services provided by the Bucks IU, the schools, and school districts, or current topics within our communities.

Classes, Workshops, and Programs

We offer a continually expanding array of classes, workshops, and programs designed to ensure that educators and administrators are able to achieve and maintain certification requirements as well as stay up-to-date on the latest academic information, techniques, and materials.  We also offer continuing education opportunities at discounted prices.

Offering Students and Families Additional Programs

We work with our county schools, districts, and community to provide specialty learning and support programs that relate to their students' and families' current needs, trends, and requirements. Some are specialty programs of our own design, while others are state or federal curricula that we help facilitate on the school and/or regional levels. Check these out to see how your school or district can get involved and expand the educational opportunities they are providing.


Stronger Education Together


Listing of Bucks IU services for social emotional wellness and school safety

As an educational service agency, we strive to develop and nurture strong relationships with, and amongst, the county schools and administrations in support of providing all the children of Bucks County with the best in educational opportunities.