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On Thursday, April 9, 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, based on COVID-19 pandemic response efforts,  ordered all public schools and early childhood education programs to close through the end of the 2019-2020 academic school year.   

As a result, all Bucks County IU offices, programs, and services are closed through June 30, 2020. Families who receive services from the Bucks IU will continue to be provided a continuity of education through online or virtual platforms.

Responses to Right to Know requests will also be delayed until school offices open once again.

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Tender Bridges

Mother waving at her children as they wave back from in front of the school's doors

Tender Bridges opens effective dialogue, and provides education and resources as a means of supporting successful growth and transitioning for pre-K through first grade students in Bucks County. Working with staff and administrators in public and private education, higher education, local and state agencies, along with child care and preschools, Tender Bridges helps ensure students a smooth evolution through their early childhood education. Utilizing a coordinated continuum of high quality programs, personnel are provided collaboratively planned trainings, the sharing of mutually important resources, and access to dialogues about children and program content appropriate to their grade levels and advancement.

The goals and objectives of Tender Bridges are to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities and resources
  • Support and build local efforts to bring pre-K through first grade staff together to support curriculum design and development, family involvement, and successful student transitions
  • Expand the dialogue and communications between pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade programs and staff of all Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

The Tender Bridges Advisory Council supports a fluid focus, adaptable to addressing new/current issues as well as topics brought forth by interested parties, issues that arise due to changes in education regulations or requirements, and the investigation of innovative new concepts.