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Act 45: New Hope District Level Improvement Planning

As a result of this program, New Hope district leaders will analyze their own district's data and then apply that analyses to a systems-based approach to identify the root causes of their most pressing concerns. Based on this identification district leaders will develop at least one action plan that has a clear goal, research-based strategies, and a series of implementation steps. The action plan will contain clear indicators of effectiveness based on improved student achievement.
Participants will be able to explain the process of developing a district-level improvement plan.
Participants will be able to defend the creation and use of a district-level improvement plan as a method to improve student achievement
Participants will be able to organize and disaggregate multiple sources of data.
Participants will be able to analyze and explain the connections between different sources of data.
Participants will be able to conduct and explain a root cause analysis connecting district system characteristics and data to a specified student achievement concern.
Participants will be able to develop and explain a district-level improvement plan that addresses specific student achievement concerns.

Event Details

Presenter: Andrew Coonradt
Location: online

Event Dates

Friday 31 July 8:00 AM

Event Options

Act 45 Hours: 35
In County Cost: $100
Out of County Cost: $100