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After-School Club: Coding and Robotics (Grades 1-5)

Clubs: Coding and Robotics

It's all about coding and robots! Children will get to know the Fab Lab's family of robots as they learn how to give the robots directions (by writing code) to complete fun, exciting challenges! Robotics introduce kids to programming and engineering in a way that's fun, creative, and interactive. A wide variety of age-appropriate robots will be used, including (but not limited to) Sphero, Finch, Dash, Cubelets, Jimu and more! This club session will not repeat activities from previous Fab Lab events!

Our instructors will meet children at their current knowledge and comfort level with coding and robotics to ensure that everyone is successful and has fun!

New for 2022-2023: After-School Clubs are now EIGHT WEEKS LONG! Due to generous sponsorship, the fee for families has decreased even as the number of weeks has increased! Scholarships are available - reach out to to inquire!

Who should attend: Children entering grades 1 through 5 in Fall 2022 are invited to register. Children in grade 5 with previous coding experience may want to register for the club for grades 5-8. 

Dates: Thursdays from September 15 through November 3.

Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm

REGISTER NOW:  Ticket fees include all instruction, materials and technology, take-home information for families, and a free t-shirt!

The Bucks IU's Fab Lab Center is the hub of STEAM education in Bucks County!

Event Dates

Thursday 15 September 5:00 PM