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A+ Ideas for Every Student's Success

This 3 credit (90 Act 48 Hours) online course is designed to improve academic performance, increase productivity, and encourage self-esteem in students through appropriate use of classroom management techniques and motivational strategies in the class. Time Frame: 4/9/19 - 5/8/19

The participant will become acquainted with the various personality profiles, including their own, and strategies to encourage an atmosphere conducive to the students' ultimate learning ability. Participants will develop an awareness of how their profile interacts with student profiles and with this knowledge adapt lessons accordingly. The strategies will be presented to promote positive teacher/student interaction, gain insight on predicting a students' behavior, and knowing how to uniquely respond to the students differentiated styles.
Participants will read the book "A+ Ideas For Every Student's Success", by Robert Rohm - this book will acquaint one with the various profiles and strategies to encourage an atmosphere conducive to the Student's ultimate learning.
Participants will participate in group discussions by replying to 2-3 participants per discussion panel.- open discussions provide an open communication between all participants, it also encourages participants to exchange ideas and strategies in a non threatening environment.

Culminating Project- Participants will select one scenario from section 6 and give a reasonable explanation for the behavior of the four profile types according to Dr. Robert Rohm. They will also state the reaction of the teacher, giving an example of each profile.

Required Book: A+ Ideas For Every Student's Success, by Robert Rohm.
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This is an online course. An introductory letter will be sent a few days before the start date with information on how you will participate in this event. Colleen Anzio is the instructor.

Event Dates

Tuesday 09 April 12:00 AM

Event Options

CPE Credit: 3
In County Cost: $450
Out of County Cost: $450