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A New Look to Working with Students with Autism

With more and more students being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorders, it is important for educators to explore their perceptions and expand their knowledge base of this disability category in order to meet these students' needs. This course takes an inside look into what it is like to live with autism. We will see and hear first-hand accounts from people living with the disorder. Their inspirational and informative stories have motivated participants in the past to examine and reexamine how they work with students on the spectrum of autism. We will explore methods of motivation and classroom management in settings with learners with autism. Given the information provided throughout the course, participants will also have the opportunity to more completely understand the many services that students with autism can benefit from and how educators can apply this learned information in their area of focus and provide effective instruction to students with mild to severe autism.

This course is offered in partnership with Immaculata University, at registration participants will have the option of earning 3 CPE Credits (90 Act 48 Hours) or 3 Graduate Credits.

LOCATION: This is an online and asynchronous course.

DATES: 03/29/2023 - 04/19/2023

COSTS: CPE Credit: $450.00, Graduate Credit: $1,050.00


Event Details

Location: Virtual Session

Event Dates

Wednesday 29 March 8:30 AM
Online CPE Credited Courses
Online CPE Credited Courses