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ABC's on Teaching Strategies for Pre K -3

This 3 credit (90 Act 48 hours) online course is designed to focus on successful teaching instruction & strategies for preschool to grade 3. Time Frame: 3/31/2021 - 4/28/2021

Subject areas include the strategies for promoting: a comfortable learning environment, positive reinforcement, icebreakers, learning & literacy centers, organization skills for teacher & student, successful subject area lessons (math, language arts, social studies, science, art, music, physical education), & overall meaningful teaching and learning strategies. This course contains hundreds of activities & lessons that all teachers can access; and illustrates ways all students can participate in them.
Some Interpersonal skills for participants will include:
Read, discuss & implement strategies for promoting a comfortable learning environment.
Read meaningful articles & websites and be able to enforce positive reinforcement skills.
Some Academic skills include:
Read, analyze & develop successful teaching and learning activities for grades Pre K-3.

Participate & develop activities, techniques & strategies for Pre K-3, which include content areas. (math, social studies, science, reading, physical education, art, music)
Understand the various techniques to provide a positive learning environment.
Some Early Childhood Skills include:
Participant will read & develop activities to promote social interaction.
Participant will build a file of activities which promote physical activity while engaging in other forms of learning.
Participant will analyze & present activities which encourage curiosity and exploration for the student.
No book required, all work will be completed through websites and discussion panels.

Colleen Anzio is the instructor. You may email the instructor for questions about the content of the program. For registration questions please email:

Event Dates

Wednesday 31 March 12:00 AM

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CPE Credit: 3
In County Cost: $450
Out of County Cost: $450