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ABC's on Teaching Strategies, Pre K-3

This course will focus on strategies for promoting a comfortable learning environment, positive reinforcement, icebreakers, learning & literacy centers, organization skills for teacher & student, successful subject area lessons (math, language arts, social studies, science, art, music, PE) and meaningful teaching & strategies.

Interpersonal skills include:

  • Read, discuss & implement strategies for promoting a comfortable learning environment.
  • Read meaningful articles & websites and be able to enforce positive reinforcement skills.

Some Academic skills include:

  • Read, analyze & develop successful teaching and learning activities for Pre K-3.
  • Participate & develop activities, techniques & strategies for Pre K-3, which include content areas. (math, ss, science, reading, PE, art, music)

Some Early Childhood skills include:

  • Read & develop activities to promote social interaction.
  • Build a file of activities which promote physical activity while engaging in other forms of learning.
    Analyze and present activities which encourage curiosity & exploration.

This course is offered in partnership with Immaculata University, at registration participants will have the option of earning 3 CPE Credits (90 Act 48 Hours) or 3 Graduate Credits.

LOCATION: This is an online and asynchronous course.

DATES: 04/05/2023 - 05/10/2023

COSTS: CPE Credit Cost: $450.00, Graduate Credit Cost: $1,050.00


Event Details

Location: Virtual Course

Event Dates

Wednesday 05 April 8:00 AM
Online CPE Credited Courses
Online CPE Credited Courses