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Achieving Excellence: 14 Things That Matter Most

This 3 credit (90 Act 48 Hours) online course is designed to describe the beliefs, attitudes, and interactions that form an atmosphere conducive to learning in our best classrooms and schools. Time Frame: 3/3/2021 - 4/7/2021

This course focuses primarily on "specific things that great teachers, legendary teachers" do. The book "What Great Teachers Do Differently" is filled with strategies and ideas to motivate students. There are many meaningful websites to stimulate your students and simple suggestions that you can integrate into your current routine.

Required book: "What Great Teacher's Do Differently - 14 things that matter most"
By Todd Whitaker (May be purchased at Amazon or other book stores)

This is an online course. An introductory letter will be sent a few days before the start date with information on how you will participate in this event. Colleen Anzio is the instructor. You may email the instructor for questions about the content of the program. For registration questions please email:

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CPE Credit: 3
In County Cost: $450
Out of County Cost: $450