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Art of Interaction

This 3 credit (90 Act 48 Hours) online course is designed to provide educators with powerful insights into new ways to help children become happier and more successful. Time Frame: 10/9/2020 - 11/10/2020
This course will show teachers and parents how to find creative solutions to difficult problems that you encounter while working with children. The book "The Dance of Interaction" by Jeanine Fitzgerald is full of stories and ideas that give hope and help to those who love children. As educators you will gain an understanding and ability to create a bond and develop an awareness that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
Participants will read the book above. This book will acquaint one with creative solutions to handle the challenging behaviors of children.
Participants will analyze and implement strategies by gaining insights into new ways to help children become happier and more successful, realizing the most important factors in a child's success is having a relationship with a supportive, competent adult.
Participants will participate in group discussions by replying to 2-3 participants per discussion panel-open discussions provide open communication between all participants.
Culminating Project: Participants will be given several scenarios of inappropriate behavior; they will discuss possible strategies the teacher may use which display creative solutions. Solutions which are successful when dealing with a challenging behavior.

Required Book: The Dance of Interaction by Jeanine Fitzgerald
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This is an online course. An email will be sent a few days before the start date with information on how to participate in this event. Colleen Anzio is the instructor. You may email the instructor for questions about the content of the program. For registration questions please email:

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CPE Credit: 3
In County Cost: $450
Out of County Cost: $450