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Building Self Esteem in the Classroom to Achieve Success

Building Self Esteem in the Classroom to Achieve Success, Beat Bullying and to Foster a Positive Learning Environment will teach participants a six step process to building self esteem in kids. This course is an online Moodle class. Each Session is a series of lessons, video, written response, and other activities designed to lead the participant to the knowledge that will allow them to meet the session objective. 


  • Participants will demonstrate that self esteem building is an important educational issue.
  • Identify and state three elements of good Digital Citizenship as defined by Pa Technology Standards.
  • Take an online self esteem quiz to assess their current level of self esteem.
  • Read and evaluate several articles that support positive self esteem in children and post a review of the article on our Moodle.
  • Develop a six step plan to build self esteem in their students.

LOCATION: This is an online and asynchronous course.

DATES: 04/26/2023 - 05/26/2023

COSTS: CPE Credit Cost: $450.00


Event Details

Location: Virtual Course

Event Dates

Wednesday 26 April 8:00 AM
Online CPE Credited Courses
Online CPE Credited Courses