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Building Self Esteem in the Classroom to Achieve Success, Beat Bullying and to Foster a Positive Learning Environment

This is an online 3 credit (90 Act 48 Hours) Moodle course teaching a six step process to building self esteem in kids. Time Frame: 07/6/2022 - 8/6/2022

The participants will demonstrate that self esteem building is an important educational issue.
The participant will be able to identify and state three elements of good Digital Citizenship as defined by Pa Technology Standards.
Participants will take an online self esteem quiz at to assess their current level of self esteem.
Participants will read and evaluate several articles that support positive self esteem in children and post a review of the article on our Moodle.
The participant will develop a six step plan to build self esteem in their students.

This course is an online Moodle class. Each Session is a series of lessons, video, written response, and other activities designed to lead the participant to the knowledge that will allow them to meet the session objective.

An introductory letter will be sent a few days before the start date with information on how you will participate in this event. Josh Stein is the instructor. You may email the instructor for questions about the content of the program. For registration questions please email:

Event Dates

Wednesday 06 July 12:00 AM

Event Options

CPE Credit: 3
In County Cost: $450
Out of County Cost: $450