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How to Identify and Combat Bullying in Our Schools

Everyone knows Bullying is an issue. Hopefully you haven't been forced to deal with it. But you can't just sit on the sidelines and wait for the worst to happen. No! You must take this course so that you can be counted as one of the many who are fighting against bullying in our schools! The course is designed as a self paced distance learning module. You can learn from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will be required to read books and articles, watch videos, provide written responses as well as write a brief essay at the culmination of class. 

LOCATION: This is an online and asynchronous course.

DATES: 04/12/2023 - 05/12/2023

COSTS: CPE Credit Cost: $450.00


Event Details

Location: Virtual Course

Event Dates

Wednesday 12 April 8:00 AM
Online CPE Credited Courses
Online CPE Credited Courses