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On Thursday, April 9, 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, based on COVID-19 pandemic response efforts,  ordered all public schools and early childhood education programs to close through the end of the 2019-2020 academic school year.   

As a result, all Bucks County IU offices, programs, and services are closed through June 30, 2020. Families who receive services from the Bucks IU will continue to be provided a continuity of education through online or virtual platforms.

Responses to Right to Know requests will also be delayed until school offices open once again.

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Live, Laugh and Learn Through Educational Games

A two credit online (60 Act 48 Hours) course designed to provide educators an overview of benefits in using games as a source of reinforcement in the classroom. Time Frame: 6/26/2020 - 7/17/2020
Participants will be acquainted with the purpose of games, developing, adapting & implementing the appropriate game to fit their curriculum. They will become acquainted with the different types of games including, memory, physical & board games. Throughout the course participants will analyze, adapt, create & demonstrate the use of appropriate & effective learning tools based on readings, activities and group discussions. They will learn techniques used to improve motivation and learning through classroom experiments and games.
Participant will:
View several websites, lectures & videos, these resources will acquaint one with suggestions for establishing & developing many meaningful games to be used in the classroom setting.

Evaluate and synthesize information on creating a classroom climate that enhances academic learning by using games to promote and instill valuable social and educational skills in the classroom.

Be evaluated through participation in discussion groups, they must reply to at least 2-3 classmates for each lesson. The panels will provide positive feedback between class members by exchanging meaningful ideas & strategies within the group.
Culminating activities will include various educational games they devise & use in class that encourage the use of physical activity, memory games & board games as reinforcement strategies.

An introductory letter will be sent a few days before the start date with information on how you will participate in this event. Colleen Anzio is the instructor. You may email the instructor for questions about the content of the program. For registration questions please email:

Event Dates

Friday 26 June 12:00 AM

Event Options

CPE Credit: 2
In County Cost: $300
Out of County Cost: $300