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Bucks County Consortium New Teacher Induction

This day of induction is designed for Bucks County districts and CTCs who wish to participate in the Bucks County Consortium New Teacher Induction Program. The day is open to all teachers new to education and for experienced teachers new to their school district.

The Agenda for the day will cover the following topics: Using Blended Learning Models in Today's Classrooms; Relationships: The Key to a Successful Career; Act 13 Educator Effectiveness; Act 48 Requirements; Q&A Panel with Expert Teachers and Teacher Self-Care.

The entire day will take place in-person at the Bucks IU 705 N Shady Retreat Office Building.

1. Participants will explore Blended Learning Models and how they support both F2F and virtual instruction.

2. Participants will explore the role of relationships with students, co-workers, parents, and administrators and the role those relationships play in a satisfying and successful career.

3. Participants will learn the specifics of Act 13 and Act 48.

4. Participants will participate in a Q&A panel with expert teachers and administrators.

5. Participants will learn ways to support their own self-care as a busy educational professional.

Event Details

Presenter: Edwina Frasca-Stuart and Kendy Schiffert
Location: Bucks IU, 705 N. Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA 18901 - Rooms A,B,C

Event Dates

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 5.5
In County Cost: $75
Out of County Cost: $75
Non Act 48 Hours: 5.5
In County Cost: $75
Out of County Cost: $75