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Career Readiness Boot Camp - Virtual Train-the-Trainer Training

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) developed a full day train-the-trainer boot camp that was launched in the Fall of 2019. This version of the training provides a condensed, asynchronous opportunity to complete the train-the-trainer boot camp. This training is designed to support districts in meeting the statewide postsecondary attainment 2025 goal of 60 percent of Pennsylvanians with a postsecondary credential, certificate, or degree. Training will include the following:

Career Readiness and Workforce in PA (Career Education and Work Standards)
Industry-Based Learning
Stakeholder and Workforce Partnerships
Classroom and Workforce Alignment
Supporting Resources

The goal of this training is the development of an action plan that utilizes stakeholder and workforce partnerships to expand classroom to career connections and to build schoolwide momentum for career readiness.

Participants will enhance their understanding of the Academic Standards for Career Education and Work.

Participants will apply their understanding of industry-based learning to several model examples.

Participants will learn strategies to develop stakeholder and workforce partnerships.

Event Details

Location: Online Coursework

Event Dates

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 3.5
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free
Non Act 48 Hours: 3.5
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free