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Advanced Classroom Management: Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

Constructive classroom rules, clear and established routines and procedures, engaging instruction, and a positive classroom community can address up to 95% of classroom behavior issues, but what about the other 5%? This workshop will address possible issues that may be causing the behavior difficulties and will introduce the four goals of misbehavior as a diagnostic tool for correctly addressing the child's mistaken belief for how to belong which results in misbehavior. Strategies for developing positive solutions for the student, the classroom, and the teacher will be explored. Classroom-based case studies will used to demonstrate workable solutions.

Participants must be well-versed in establishing classroom rules, developing routines and procedures, and designing engaging instruction before participating in the Advanced Classroom Management workshop.

Event Details

Location: Bucks IU, 705 N. Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA 18901

Event Dates

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 5
In County Cost: $100
Out of County Cost: $125
Non Act 48 Hours: 5
In County Cost: $100
Out of County Cost: $125