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Thrivers - Educator Book Study

During this virtual asynchronous book club, participants will read "Thrivers” by Michele Borba and complete activities that support reflection, application and extension of new learning.

To participate, registrants will:
Register for this course here
Purchase the book
Join the Google Classroom when invited via email
Read the book
Complete the assignments posted on Google Classroom
Complete the Final Survey form posted on Google Classroom by March 31st, 2022

Book can be purchased online at:

    Participants will learn about traits that support students in becoming Thrivers
    Participants will develop strategies to support students' resilience
    Participants will reflect on their own classrooms to support procedures that support students' long-term resilience and learning

Event Details

Location: Online Coursework

Event Dates

Monday 28 February 8:00 AM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 5
In County Cost: $50
Out of County Cost: $75
Non Act 48 Hours: 5
In County Cost: $50
Out of County Cost: $75