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Gifted ED: Acceleration and Enrichment Strategies

This half-day workshop will review the research in gifted education on effective and practical approaches for implementing acceleration and enrichment strategies within a K-12 Gifted Education Program. It will highlight the actual strategies and will also address the system variables that need to be in place to support the implementation of such strategies K-12.

    Participants will learn the multiple instructional strategies that support enrichment.
    Participants will review effective practices for facilitating different types of acceleration K-12.
    Participants will learn what administrative and instructional policies and procedures need to be present in a district to support a well-rounded K-12 gifted education program.

Event Details

Presenter: Eddie Frasca-Stuart
Location: Virtual Session

Event Dates

Wednesday 10 November 8:30 AM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 3
In County Cost: $75
Out of County Cost: $100
Non Act 48 Hours: 3
In County Cost: $75
Out of County Cost: $100