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Kagan Cooperative Learning

This workshop will be conducted by a Kagan Professional Development Specialist. It will focus on the updated and expanded edition of the famous Kagan Cooperative Learning Textbook. Participants will find new step-by-step structures, hundreds of helpful management tips, many more teacher-friendly activities and forms, and up-to-date research on proven methods. Participants will learn how schools have used Kagan Cooperative Learning to boost academics, close the achievement gap, improve student relations, and create a more kind and caring school community. After decades of training and working with hundreds of thousands of teachers, Kagan has refined and perfected the most widely used and respected form of cooperative learning ever. The Kagans make it easy for you to dramatically increase engagement and achievement in your class!

Each participant will receive the latest edition of the Kagan Cooperative Learning Textbook, Cooperative Learning Course Workbook, Action Plan 1: Kagan Cooperative Learning and Mix-Pair-Share Software.

Event Details

Presenter: Kagan PD Specialist
Location: Bucks IU, 705 N. Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA 18901

Event Dates

Tuesday 03 March 8:30 AM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 6
In County Cost: $250
Out of County Cost: $250
Non Act 48 Hours: 6
In County Cost: $250
Out of County Cost: $250