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Library Common Inservice Day: You Have What It Takes To Be A Future Ready Librarian!

What does it mean to be a Future Ready Librarian? How will being a Future Ready Librarian affect my library, school, teachers and especially my students? What can I do to become a Future Ready Librarian today? These questions are central to the Future Ready Librarians initiative. They are also questions we ask ourselves everyday as we embrace our roles within the library and school community.

In our day together, Shannon McClintock Miller will kick us off with a keynote by exploring the critical role that librarians can play in the strategic work of schools and educational systems connected with educational technology leadership, empowering students as creators and learners, content curation, innovative instructional practices, and more. She will share stories and inspire us to embrace the change we can bring through our roles as librarians.

Shannon will then challenge you to unleash the Future Ready Librarian in you by looking at your own practice and digging into the 10 gears of the Future Ready Librarian (FRL) framework including:

Designs Collaborative Spaces
Builds Instructional Partnerships
Empowers Students as Creators
Curates Digital Resources and Tools
Facilitates Professional Learning
Ensures Equitable Digital Access
Invests Strategically in Digital Resources
Cultivates Community Partnerships
Advocates for Student Privacy
Leads Beyond the Library

And of course, Literacy, which is central to everything we do as librarians.

You will strengthen your library leadership skills, deepen your knowledge and develop an action plan as you begin to shape your professional future, as well as the future of those you serve in the library.

You will definitely leave this day knowing you have what it takes to be a Future Ready Librarian.

Event Details

Presenter: Shannon McClintock Miller
Location: Central Bucks South High School, 1100 Folly Rd, Warrington, PA 18976

Event Dates

Tuesday 05 November 8:30 AM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 6
In County Cost: $42
Out of County Cost: $75
Social Worker Credit (CEs): 6
In County Cost: $42
Out of County Cost: $75
Non Act 48 Hours: 6
In County Cost: $42
Out of County Cost: $75