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Social and Emotional Wellness Learning in Youth Development


This course will provide educators with a foundation in emotional wellness and youth development theory and research. In this course candidates will develop an understanding of social and emotional learning and the impact that explicit teaching can have on the learner as well as the learning environment. Candidates will recognize the unique developmental characteristics and needs of learners at all age levels. Candidates will engage in field experience assignments that will provide opportunities to directly interact with social and emotional learning at the school level in order to deepen their understanding of the content presented in each of the modules of the course.

    Describe and define what social and emotional learning is and how it relates to resiliency.
    Demonstrate an understanding of typical child, adolescent, and young adult development
    Apply understanding of how a Multi-tiered system/Positive Behavior Intervention and
    Supports (PBIS) approach can be used to guide the selection and implementation of
    evidence-based SEL programs and practices including the research linking SEL to positive and negative development outcomes.

Event Details

Presenter: Meredith Gapsis, Ed.D
Location: Virtual, Zoom links will be provided

Event Dates

Thursday 30 September 4:30 PM
Thursday 07 October 4:30 PM
Thursday 14 October 4:30 PM
Thursday 21 October 4:30 PM
Thursday 28 October 4:30 PM
Thursday 04 November 4:30 PM
Thursday 11 November 4:30 PM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 90
In County Cost: $600
Out of County Cost: $600
Non Act 48 Hours: 90
In County Cost: $600
Out of County Cost: $600
Graduate Credit: 3
In County Cost: $2025
Out of County Cost: $2025