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LETRS 3rd Edition Course 2

This course is only open to those individuals that took part in Course 1 during the Fall of 2021.

LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) is an empowering professional development course of study for instructors of reading, spelling, and related language skills. LETRS creates expert teachers of the English language so teachers can, in turn, give their students a deep understanding of how English works.

LETRS provides knowledge, skill development and effective application of both knowledge and skill into the classroom setting. Teachers and instructional support personnel are provided with quality training through the application of Scientifically Based Reading Research (SBRR) to reading instruction, assessment, diagnosis, progress monitoring and intervention, and instructional effectiveness among others. Within the full course, the participants will learn, engage, apply and reflect upon the following essential components:

In-depth knowledge based on seminal works and the most current research regarding what, when, and how language skills are most effectively and efficiently taught.
Ways to assess student language development for prevention and intervention of reading disabilities/difficulties.
Guidance on how to plan and focus instruction in both word recognition and comprehension instruction.
Information on how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students including English language learners.

Learning will occur as participants explore a full experience with these topics:
Teaching Beginning Phonics
Word Recognition, and Spelling (Unit 3)
Advanced Decoding, Spelling, and Word Recognition (Unit 4)

Teacher Knowledge

Event Details

Presenter: Alexis Lewis
Location: Virtual Session

Event Dates

Tuesday 01 March 4:30 PM
Tuesday 05 April 4:30 PM
Tuesday 10 May 4:30 PM
Tuesday 24 May 4:30 PM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 25
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free
Non Act 48 Hours: 25
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free