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Understanding Eating Disorders and Appropriate Intervention/Treatment for Students

This workshop will be presented by Dr. Alix Timko, Director of Psychiatric & Behavioral Health Research and Eleanor Benner, Licensed Psychologist both from the Eating Disorder Assessment & Treatment Program at CHOP. The presentation will cover different eating disorders, common myths about them, how to identify warning signs, and steps that staff can take to ensure a student gets the appropriate attention. Medical compilations will be reviewed and the impact of malnutrition on the ability to fully participate in education, sport, and extracurricular activities will be discussed. We will briefly review best practices in treatment of eating disorders and discuss how school staff can partner with and support the treatment team in helping the student.

    Participants will learn about the different types of eating disorders and myths surrounding them.
    Participants will learn about the warning signs of an eating disorder, how to address with a student at risk.
    Participants will learn how schools can partner with outside treatment teams to support students who have an eating disorder.

Event Details

Presenter: Dr. Alix Timko and Eleanor Benner
Location: Virtual Session

Event Dates

Tuesday 16 November 9:00 AM

Event Options

Act 48 Hours: 2.5
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free
Non Act 48 Hours: 2.5
In County Cost: Free
Out of County Cost: Free