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OT and PT Support - Online Learning Supports

Check out these Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) online resources for families.   

Fine Motor Activities/Resources for Pre-Writing/Writing Skills

Growing HandsOn Kids
This website provides developmental tips, tools, and strategies that are ‘hands-on’ for kids.  There are free downloads as well as other resources that can be helpful for parents & caregivers

Your TherapySource
This website has online resources with free downloads as well as other options for supporting skills and development across all ages

This website allows one to download free visual motor worksheets that are for personal or classroom use. They do have academic bundles you can purchase. The free downloads include many academic visual motor activities, such as cutting sheets, alphabet match, sequencing patterns, coloring sight words or picture by number, and word and picture tracings.The visuals graphics are very appealing to younger children and it is intended for 2 to 7 years  
This is one of several free on-line keyboarding programs. Any adult can make a classroom and add the student to track progress on speed and accuracy

The OT Toolbox
Information and resources to build functional self- help, fine motor and visual-motor development.  There are some free downloads as well as other materials that can be purchased to assist with understanding and supporting your child’s development.

Resources for Self-Regulation, Sensory Processing and Gross Motor Skills and Activity

Cosmic Kids Yoga
Videos to support kids to be stronger and calmer through yoga and mindfulness that kids can connect with.  Active screentime for kids of all ages

Go Noodle
Interactive screen time for kids that promotes motor planning, motor skill development and coordination.  There are a wide range of choices for kids of all ages that can either be calming or promote activity.

The InspiredTreehouse
This website has many activities to support foundational motor skills and includes home programs on topics such as Games to Strengthen Core Muscles