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Cooperative Purchasing

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Through our working relationship with the business offices, technology teams, facilities groups, etc. of our schools and districts, we have a unique visibility to a wide variety of common requirements and services spanning them all. Seeing a need for a coordinated effort, and knowing the impact that larger purchases can have on pricing and services, the Bucks IU developed the Bucks County Schools Cooperative Purchasing Group. With members from all our 13 districts and 3 technical schools, this group uses the power of collective bargaining to coordinate and consolidate purchases so that the best products/services can be obtained at a significant savings.

Working Smarter Together

These significant cost savings are achieved through efforts such as collaborating expertise for a higher understanding of the product/service and the potential caveats or process pitfalls that may need to be navigated, by overhead reductions due to a consolidation of administrative and clerical efforts, and discounts being achieved as a result of larger quantity purchases. The group works together to determine which items to put out for bid and selects a “bid committee” to oversee this specific proposal. This committee will be made up of personnel from each district with an interest in participating in each bid.

Through a strong and united effort, the Bucks County Schools Cooperative Purchasing Group has achieved significant savings for our schools and districts.

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